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Mechanical parts Support for Pololu mechanical parts, such as chassis, wheels, and brackets. SMT stencils Support for our solder-paste stencil service and general surface-mount technology discussion. Robots The place to discuss the Pololu 3pi, Balboa, m3pi, Romi, and Zumo robots and share your code. Wixel Support and community forum for the Wixel Programmable USB Wireless Module. A-Star and Orangutan Support for the A-Star and the Orangutan family of robot controllers. Custom laser cutting Ask for help setting up your job or get suggestions for your project. Product suggestions We'd like to hear your ideas for new products! Voltage regulators Support for Pololu voltage regulators. Servo controllers and servos Support for Pololu RC servo controllers and our RC servos. Other Pololu products Support for Pololu products that are not covered by one of the above categories. Motor controllers/drivers and motors Support for Pololu motor controllers/drivers and our motors and gearmotors. Sensors Support for Pololu sensors.
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