Master and Slave servo with Mini Maestro 12

Hi there, I have a Mini Maestro working very well with few servos. I needs to add add a “slave” servo mirrored to a “master” servo. They are rotating in opposite direction. I am trying to find a way to do this, preferably with no programming involved.
Can this be done on Mini Maestro or add another board?
Thank You in advance!


There is no built-in option to link two servo channels together like that. Depending on how you are using the Maestro, one option could be to write a short script that maps the position of one servo to another; for example:


  0 get_position #read the position of channel 0
  6000 minus #subtract 6000 to zero it out
  negate  #invert the leftover value
  6000 plus #add 6000 back
  1 servo #update channel 1


Please note that this example script mirrors the position of channel 0 about the neutral position of 1500μs (6000 quarter-microseconds in the script) and then applies that newly calculated position to servo channel 1.