AC Servo Driver T6?


I have been trying unsuccessfully for a few days to get an AC servo driver (T6-1000RS) from to run the servo using Modbus RTU. My goal is to simply have the motor rotate in one direction at a defined speed (endlessly until a stop button is pressed again).

After studying the data sheet for the servo driver, I am no longer sure whether I can just let the motor rotate endlessly in velocity mode or whether I always have to follow a “path”.

The driver and servo I’m talking about is the following:

I connected the HMI via COM0 Pin1 RX-(B) Pin6 RX+(A) and Pin5 (GND) to the CN4 port of the servo driver pins 1,2 and 8.

I created the HMI in DTools and set COM0 to RS485 mode. The baud rate was set to the driver’s default of 38400 8N2. The Modbus address is 1 by default

I then placed a number component on Frame0 and set it to address 24619 address type RWI.

According to the servo driver’s data sheet, this address is the command position - so it should be used for control:

Pr8.43 Command position L 0X602B

I think you can see that I’m doing this for the first time and still have a lot of questions about the whole PLC world. I would really like to get this control working and learn more about the topic.

Do you have a tip for a book / course / online course on PLC technology?