Voltage rating vs Torque data voltage

I am making an inverted pendulum and want to drive the carriage with this stepper motor and this driver chip.

I intend to provide the rated voltage of 7.4V and I want to understand what performance to expect. Why is the performance data on the data sheet captured at 30VAC? Is this discrepancy in error? Am I to interpret it as some sort of peak scenario? Thanks for any help.


It is very common practice to drive stepper motors from a higher voltage than they are rated for while using a current limiting driver (like the ones we carry). Doing so allows the current to ramp up faster, which generally allows for higher achievable step rates.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to define parameters like the maximum achievable speed or torque of a stepper motor since it ultimately depends on many aspects of your specific setup, including operating voltage, load on the motor, and your stepper motor driver settings (like the current limit and decay mode). The pull-out torque curve that you’re referring to is usually the best resource but only gives you a general idea of what the stepper motor is capable of. In general, I would expect the motor to under-perform in comparison to that curve when powered at a lower voltage.