Convert momentary switch to function like a latching switch

Hello everyone,

After extensive research, I came across several of your products and I’m hoping one of them will suit my project. I’m new to small electronics but I’m eager to learn and complete this correctly.

I’m attempting to retrofit a newer 2022 Toyota 4Runner hazard light switch into an older 2017 Toyota 4Runner. The 2017 switch is a latching type, whereas the 2022 switch is a momentary type. There are 4 wires leading to the switch, and I still need to pull the wiring diagrams to understand what each wire controls.

I believe it might be possible to use one of Pololu’s power switches to accomplish this by making the correct connections.

Could anyone advise if this task is feasible with any of the power switches listed here: Pololu Power Switches(Pololu Power Switches)? Is there any additional information required to choose the right product?

Thank you in advance for your help!


It might be possible to use one of our power switches for that, but it is hard to say for certain whether it will work without more specific information about your circuit and the part you are replacing. Once you have that, then you will probably be able to figure out yourself if our switches will work using the information on the product pages. However, if you are not sure, please provide those additional details about the current setups, and we might be able to offer more feedback.

- Patrick

Thanks for the timely reply Patrick!

Allow me to gather more info around the circuit and what the wires actually do in order to make a better informed decision!

Will update once I get more info.