TIC36v4 Parameters not saved to driverf

Using the TIC Control Center, I can configure all of the parameters, Count Span, Speed, Acceleration, etc. and run the motors perfectly. I save the configuration, and then reconnect the controller to my nrf processor and restart. The TIC does not seem to have the saved configuration at this point and everything seems reset to default. What step am I missing to store the parameters to the TIC controller?

This may seem like a silly question, but can you confirm you are using the “Apply settings” button (in the bottom right corner of the control center window) before disconnecting the controller? The “Apply settings” button should save the settings to the settings to the Tic’s nonvolatile memory. Please note that if you are just using the “Save settings file…” button from the “File” menu (or Ctrl+S), that will save a copy of the Tic’s current settings to your computer, but it will not apply them to the Tic.

If that does not resolve the issue, could you try a simple test where you follow this procedure:

  1. Disconnect everything from the Tic (power supply, motor, logic signals, etc.)
  2. Using a USB cable, connect the Tic to your computer running the Tic Control Center software
  3. Change one setting on the Tic, (e.g. Max speed)
  4. Click “Apply settings”
  5. Disconnect the USB cable (all LEDs on the Tic should turn off) and close the Tic Control Center
  6. Reconnect the Tic to the same computer using the same cable
  7. Open the Tic Control Center and check the setting you changed

- Patrick

Thank you for the reply. Not a silly question, because I’ve done that before, LOL. This all works through step 7 of what you wrote. So at this point, I need to assume there is something incorrect in code or on the Pinnacle 100 (uses Nordic nrF52840) board I am using. I just received my second Tic36v4 and it acts the same as the first so I do not believe this is a Tic issue. I will connect up the analyzer and see what I’m sending.