DRV8874 Module and Arduino UNO, STM32Nucleo


I need assistance with connecting the driver module to the development board. I’ve tried connecting them, but I’m experiencing a lot of noise in the signals I’m collecting. Do you have any suggestions on how I can reduce this noise? Specifically, I need to measure the current through the module pin. Also, any recommendations for connectors that could help with this would be appreciated.

Thank you.


How much noise are you seeing on the DRV8874 carrier’s CS pin? In general, instantaneous current draw by motors tends vary a lot and generates significant electrical noise which will probably be reflected by output on the board. That makes it hard to know whether the behavior you are seeing is actually reasonable for your setup, or if it indicates something unusual is happening without more details about how you are using the driver and some quantification of the noise you are seeing.

Can you post some pictures of your current connections, including ones that show where/how you are probing your setup? Please also post scope captures that show the noise along with more details about how you are using the driver.

- Patrick