Which is the best driver for stepper motor 17HS24-2104S?


Which is the best driver for stepper motor 17HS24-2104S in order to have the max torque ?

And wich are the best settings ?


I have seen this posts about TB67S249FTG : How do I get the most performance on 17HS24-2104S from stepperonline?TB67S249FTG at 3.36v?
→ but it will not get full holding torque out of 2.1A per phase stepper motor.

It is for CNC Shield V3 but I can change for another one if you advise me.

Thanks so much.


You might check out our TB67S128FTG carrier and our High Power Motor Driver 36v4 since both of those can handle the rated current of your stepper motor (2.1A) without additional cooling. What settings will work best with either driver depends on your goals. Those boards have different features, so I recommend reading through our documentation on the product pages, including the “FAQs” tab and the driver datasheets available under the “Resources” tab.

- Patrick