How do I get the most performance on 17HS24-2104S from stepperonline?TB67S249FTG at 3.36v?

I’m using a gen l board 1.0 with a 24v PSU.I’m trying to get the most performance possible with 1/16 microstepping on my 3d printer and I have seen that you sell TB67S249FTG driver so I wanted to ask if the full potential of my stepper motor can be reached whit this driver.

Also, the driver seems to be more than enough I have notice that the motor is rated for 2.1 amps and 3.36v but the TB67S249FTG only goes from 10v to 47v and I wanted to know if I can adjust that to 3.36v as recommended?

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I’m new to adjusting stepper motors and I’m not sure how to limit the max amps at 2.1 and how to give a stepper motor 3.36 v.


You can use higher voltages than the rating on your stepper motor when using current limiting stepper motor drivers like our TB67S249FTG carrier. You can find more details about this in the first FAQ under the FAQs tab on the stepper motor’s product page

For the TB67S249FTG carrier, you can find information for setting the current limit in the “Current limiting” section of the driver’s product page. This driver can only handle 1.6A per phase without additional cooling, and if you set the current limit to 1.6A per phase, you will not get the full holding torque out of your 2.1A per phase stepper motor.


Thank you so much, it really helped me.