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Using the VNH5019 shield with a stepper motor

hello I could help me I want to do a program for a stepper motor and testify using a pwm for this card popolu Dual VNH5019


Your question is not entirely clear, but it basically sounds like you want to control a stepper motor from our VNH5019 shield. Since this question is different from the topic you were posting in, I separated your post as its own topic.

In general, it will be easier to control a stepper motor from a dedicated stepper motor driver, since those devices have the ability to limit current to the coils. If you do not already have a VNH5019 shield, you might take a look at our stepper motor drivers.

However, it is possible to use that shield to drive a stepper motor. We have some example code for doing so in this post. Please note that this code is for the MC33926, but works the VNH5019 if you comment/uncomment the indicated lines of code.


Yes, I need example code control stepper motor through PWM full turn to the right or left using the VNH5019 card. will have tutorials with examples of motor control for this card?

We do not have a tutorial for using the VNH5019 to control a stepper motor. Like I mentioned in my initial reply, it will be easier to control a stepper motor from a dedicated stepper motor driver; we have a video and some test code you could use as a tutorial to get started with stepper motor drivers.