Total new guy needs advice

Hello all.

I am attempting to build a CNC control unit and need some help!
The main question is regarding the Stepper drivers, I bought the motor control shield with drivers from ebay and assumed the drivers were from Pololu! (Same color) followed on line Vref instructions from Pololu and guess what I could not set Vref “Here it comes” (Cheap Chinese knock offs :frowning: ) . With the information provided below which Genuine Pololu driver would work best I was thinking DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver as that was supplied with the board. Any and all Help would be appreciated
I am Dazed and confused!!

Parts being used:
1 Raspberry PI 2 (used as Linux computer to run GRBL programming)
1 7" TFT LCD screen for Raspberry pi2
1 Pi alamode (acting as Arduino interface to motor driver shield)
1 CNC Shield V3 Expansion Board +4PCS DRV8825 Stepper For Arduino
3 Nema 23 Stepper motors, Holding Torque - 1.26NM Rated Current/Phase -2.8 Voltage Current/Phase -2.5vdc Phase inductance -2.5


The DRV8825 is probably not an appropriate stepper motor driver for your stepper motor, since the motor is rated for 2.8A/phase and our DRV8825 carrier can only output about 1.5A/phase normally and a maximum of 2.2A/phase with lots of extra cooling. Unfortunately, we do not have any stepper motor driver carriers in that form factor that can handle more current than the DRV8825. It seems unlikely, but if your CNC shield will work with other form factors of driver carrier, you might consider our AMIS-30543 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier, which can deliver a maximum of 3A/phase and 1.8A normally.

- Amanda

Thank you for the quick response I will look at the cnc shield and see what it can handle!!

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