Nema 23, 2.5V, 2.8A Stepper Motor Drv8825 driver+24V power supply

Can we use DRV8825 driver with 24v Power supply to drive Nema 23, 180oz-in, 2.5V,2.8A stepper motor?

Can we drive Pololu Product#1474 ( Nema 23, 10.1kg, 2.5v, 2.8A stepper motor) with DRV8825 driver?

Please correct me if am wrong.

DRV8825+ 24v power supply.
nema 23, 2.5v, 2.8A
=> watts = Volts x Amps
= 7 watts consumption by motor

Vin = 24 v to driver

Motor Amp= 7 watts / 24v = 0.29 A

Limit = vref x 2
vref = 0.29A / 2 = 0.1458 v

If we set vref to 0.145 , can we drive this motor if power suppy is of 24v and driver DRV8825 ?


We do not carry any stepper drivers that can supply the full 2.8A/coil current specified for that motor. Our higher current stepper driver boards like the DRV8825 board or AMIS-30543 board should be capable of moving the motor, however they will require setting a current limit below the full rating of the motor, so the torque will be well below the full torque as well. Our 8.6V, 1 A/Phase NEMA 23-size motor might be a better choice to use with the DRV8825 board.

The current limit settings on our driver boards are for the output current to the motor coils. The driver effectively steps down the voltage from VIN to drive the coils at the rated current. For the 1A motor I mentioned above and the DRV8825 board, the vref setting would be 0.5V. A 24V power supply should work with the DRV8825.