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Tic T825, Arduino, and LabView


Has anyone managed to connect the Tic to an Arduino and send a code from LabView to the Arduino that will send back to the Tic to control a stepper motor? The Tic is connected to the Arduino through serial communication. I’m currently trying to do that right now and the code recognizes the Tic but I’m unable to control the actuators.


Hello, Ethan.

I am not very familiar with LabVIEW and we do not have any specific examples for using LabVIEW, but it should be possible to do what you are describing. You would probably need to write an Arduino sketch to process the incoming information from LabVIEW and send the relevant commands to the Tic. I would suggest using the TTL Serial or I2C interface for that. You could use our Tic Stepper Motor Controller library for Arduino to make the communication between the Arduino and Tic easier.

If the only purpose of the Arduino in your system is to control the Tic from LabVIEW, you might consider using a USB-to-Serial adapter to send TTL serial commands to the Tic directly from a LabVIEW VI instead.

Alternatively, if you can send native USB commands via LabVIEW, you could send command directly to the Tic. You can see more about controlling the Tic from a PC in the “Writing PC software to control the Tic” section of the Tic user’s guide. There is also another thread about this on our forum.


Hello Brandon,

I’m not familiar with coding for Arduino. In order to connect the Arduino to the Tic, which code would I need upload to the Arduino given in Tic Stepper Motor Controller library for Arduino?


All of the examples in that library communicate between the Arduino and Tic, and are used to show how you can use the library for different situations. As I mentioned before, to do what you described, you will need to write your own code that processes the information you are sending form LabVIEW and sends the relevant commands to the Tic, but you can use the examples as a reference for how to send those commands.

Some of the examples in that library are for using the I2C interface and some are for the TTL serial interface, so the first step would be to decide which interface you want to use. The connections you need to make will depend on which interface you choose and what Arduino board you are using, and these connections are described in the “Getting started” section of the library’s main GitHub page (the one that you linked to).