RAW USB Tic Control- From LabVIEW..?


while I usually talk to a bus-full of Tics on RS-485, for once I’d like to talk to a single Tic, direct over USB, from LabVIEW… I could “cheat” and simply call the command line Tic client from LabVIEW, but I was interested in talking direct to the Tic, for speed and neatness.
LabVIEW can see the raw USB device, and I can open a VISA session with it. Then I have the choice of VISA read and write, for bulk endpoints, and VISA Control Out/ Control In, and VISA USB Interrupt handling. -and that’s about all I know! How do I “get the conversation started” with the Tic over USB? Are the bytes I need to send- and receive- the same as those I’m assembling/ decoding in my serial driver?
I’ve always shied away from talking “real” USB (usually they’re just serial converters!), and have little idea how to start; lockdown seems like a good time to give it a go…!
Any help, suggestions, pointers, and advice, gratefully received…!


Hello, Tom.

The Tic’s USB protocol is different from its serial protocol, and it is documented in the “Command reference” and “USB command encoding” sections of the Tic User’s Guide. Since all of the Tic’s USB commands are implemented with control transfers, you probably would want to use “VISA Control Out / Control In”.

Please let me know if you have any further questions. Also, if you get something working, please consider sharing it on this forum for the benefit of other LabVIEW/Tic users.


Ahh… LOL, thank you, I should have RTFM…!! I’ve always studiously ignored any USB sections… :wink:
I shall take a look and see how much I can borrow from my serial encoding and how much I’ll need to write from scratch. If I succeed, I shall certainly share the code