TIC controller with integrated 36v4 stepper driver


Any thoughts on offering a TIC controller that has the essentials from your 36v4 driver board (e.g. the DRV8711 chip and the MOSFETs)? I could use the high current for the steppers in my project and the higher voltage of 50V is a plus… I’d be willing to be a beta/alpha tester if interested.


Hello, Dino.

We already have that in the works, and we should be releasing it in the next week or two. We’ll make an announcement to our blog and send out a newsletter email when it is available.

Can you tell me more about your project and how you would be using the Tic?

- Ben

Hi Ben,

Thanks for your response and great to hear that Pololu has that development in the works! I’m working on integrating a 2-axis linear stage into one of our new products and need small, simple, bulletproof, and feature-rich stepper motor
controllers to get it done. From a basic functional perspective, I need the following:



Hi, Dino.

This is just a quick follow-up to let you know that the Tic 36v4 is now available!

- Ben

Thanks Ben. I just received three of them that I am starting to do some testing with. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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