Tic 36v4 with quadrature encoders

I am planning to use this controller in a closed-loop stepper system with a quadrature encoder. Can I do this? and if yes, what is the maximum encoder counts per rev can this support? 1000CPR


Hello, Anthony.

I moved your post to its own topic since it was not strongly related to the original post.

The Tic stepper motor controllers do not support using quadrature encoder signals as feedback (only as an input such as from a rotary encoder dial).

You could add your own encoder processing with a separate microcontroller (such as an Arduino or one of our Arduino-compatible A-Star controllers) and communicate the target position to the Tic through that. If you don’t want all of the more advanced features of the Tic (such as speed and acceleration limiting, error handling, limit switches, and the Tic Control Center software), you could use the High-Power Stepper Motor Driver 36v4 in combination with the separate microcontroller instead of the Tic.