Pololu A4988 and NEMA17 stepper motor

Hi All!

How can i connect correctly my NEMA17 stepper motor to pololuA4988?

My nema stepper motors wires (from left to right = orange,bluem yellowm red)

i made a picture is it good?

please help!


The minimal wiring diagram, which can be found under the “using the driver” section of the A4988 carriers product page, shows the recommended connections for our A4988 carrier, including how to connect a stepper motor.

From your diagram, it looks like you are using a 4V 500mA power supply; the minimum operating voltage for the A4988 is 8V. Also, I do not see a connection between the SLEEP and RESET pins or a capacitor between VMOT and GND, as shown in the minimal wiring diagram for that driver.


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