Needing controller/driver to interface


I am currently working on a system that uses a fan to pressurize a system. I want to control the fan motor via LabVIEW PID such that I can maintain a certain pressure through feedback.

I have a DAQ that outputs a +/- 10 V and a 12V fan. To my understanding some of the drivers available can take PWM inputs, however we require a steady feed for precise pressure adjustment.

Is there a type of driver that could take an input 0-10V analog and step up to a 0-12V fan. This would be such that the 0-10V is in small steps such that the pressure can be rather precise.

Thanks for the help


Our Simple Motor Controllers can take a 0-3.3V analog voltage (which you could generate from your 0-10V signal using a resistor divider) and can generate a PWM output with a variable duty cycle that you might be able to use with your fan. If you are interested, you might look through our [user’s guide] (which can be found on the “Resources” tab of our product page) for more information about how the SMC works. Also, the SMC has a USB port and can accept speed commands over a virtual com port from a PC, which might be more straight forward than using a separate DAC.

If your pressure feedback is an analog voltage or your fan has a tachometer signal, you might also look at our jrk motor controllers, which can use a tunable PID algorithm to generate a variable duty cycle PWM output from those types of signals.


Would the SMC be able to be controlled by labview through the usb port/pc?


We do not use LabVIEW, but some of our customers have posted example code that shows how to send commands from LabVIEW to devices that use a USB virtual com port. Here is one example on the forum: