Maestro mini 12 not working servos

Hello. I just hooked up a mini 12 maestro, and I’m not getting any movement from servos.

I was able to get a script to run that flashes a red LED but I couldn’t get a script to run that tried to move a servo. I played with the speed and acceleration settings on the status page, but nothing seemed to work.

Here’s a (poorly lit) video where I try to indicate the connections I used. The battery pack is operating at 6v (checked with multimeter).

Also, in that video, i showed the yellow light before I enabled the servos. When I enable them, the yellow light is doing the “flash twice” thing.

The servos are in working order.


I just noticed the other user’s question about his maestro-6.

It made me realize that I only have power into the Vin and GND. I thought that the “board power” implied that it did the board and the servos.I don’t know why I thought that. Just read it, glanced over it and never considered it again.

I am away from the robot at the moment, but this sounds like a logical thing to try when I get home.

I’ll update, but now that I look at the set up in the instructional video, this seems like the obvious problem to me. Very happy I didn’t have to get an answer that said, “uhhhh, you didn’t power your servos”.

ETA : . . .and of course you have included the “shorting block” if I want to power the board after plugging into the same pins. (for future people like myself looking at this).

Of course all of this could have been avoided by clearly reading the manual, but some of us only learn by making mistakes, not doing it right the first time. A couple of the other people who posted similar to me never came back to indicate their solution. I wonder if it was the same. I have no shame about posting silly mistakes.


Thank you for letting us know you found the problem.


It was definitely the issue. Everything is working.