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Maestro Control addition

Been working with the Maestro Control for a few weeks now, love all the functions. I was wondering if I could request an addition when the time comes for a new version. I use the MC mostly in a manual sense. I use it for my little creations and also for testing new RC airplane designs once I have the electrics installed.

One thing I would really like to see is a “Snap” (or similar) function for those who use the MC manually. Just a simple check box and a value on the individual servo rows. User can choose to enable it per servo and set the value which the MC slider would Snap back to when a slider is released.

Most times my servo leads are attached to motor controllers or ESC’s which have a certian Idle value, my flight style ESC’s usually start at one extreeme but my motor controllers have a forward and a reverse which is sometimes fun to find the exact Idle center as they are all from different manufacturers, same with servos that need to return to specific positions, or those constant roll servos which can still be moving oh so slightly if your value is off by 1 or 2 when using the sliders manually.

I dont know the weight of my request but I think it would be a fine addition to the MC.

Thanks for the suggestion. We considered it, but aren’t planning to implement it. You could try pressing “Alt+D+T” or “Alt+D+Enter” to activate the “Restart Device” menu option, which will send all the servos to their default startup positions.

–David Grayson


What David should have said is that we like your feature request but that it is not specifically on our development schedule yet. We have some important new products we’re trying to finish up, so we won’t work on non-critical Maestro Control Center improvements until after those other projects are done.

- Jan

Thanks Jan and Dave.

While restarting the device would reset ALL servos… not necessarily what I was meaning. Say for instance on my Wi Tank, I might be running my winch but just want to scoot the vehicle to adjust the drop angle a little. restarting the device would stop everything.

Jan… you need to run for office. :wink:

Ha. Political correctness is not my strong suit, though; here’s one customer not voting for me:

- Jan