Help with TReX DMC01 RC and Serial Override

Hi all,

I bought a TReX DMC01 with the intent on replacing a motor controller I had previously. I want to blend autonomous and RC control and seemlessly shift between the two. I am using the SO and SI and GND to my Arduino Mega ADK’s RX0 and TX0 and GND ports. However, to get it to work with serial, I have to remove the jumper to switch between RC and Analog. I have read that the 5th channel also controls serial override. I was wondering hwo to activate it with the RC mode on, so I can control my robot with RC and switch to autonomous control.



The TReX will only respond to serial motor commands when in serial mode (mode jumper removed), or when in RC mode with the proper signal on the serial override channel (channel 5). To use the serial override feature, you should put the controller into RC mode and connect a valid signal to channel five. I also strongly recommend you use the TReX’s automatic calibration feature for all of the RC channels you are using, including channel 5. When the signal you supply to the serial override channel drops below a certain threshold, serial override is activated and the controller will start driving the motors based on serial commands rather than activity on the RC channels. Please let me know if you have any trouble getting it to work.

- Ben

Hey Ben,

Thanks for the quick reply!

My question is what the threshold is for activating Serial override. I have an RC Controller, so would placing a switch on that channel work, or should I have it active on one of the joysticks?

A switch channel on your transmitter will work fine if you calibrate the controller for it, though it might depend on which side of the switch you specify as neutral. Can you try it out?

- Ben