Driver is not recognized anymore


I’m writing because I didn’t find a clear answer about this subject in the forum.
I found those topic wich are close but do not explain anything.

Here is my problem:

I did use the documentation to install the driver and the arduino IDE. Everything was fine and working for a while. Between 2 code uploads, the COM port stopped being recognized.

When I checked on the driver, I have this error, wich is apparently common when it is not installed:

I restarted everything but, since this error appeared, I can’t manage to make it functional again.

Therefore I have 2 questions:
Does a corrupted program could technically breaks the driver?
How can I uninstall the driver? On the documentation, there is no indication on that, only to install it.

Anyway if you could help me on this one, I would be very grateful.

P.S. : I’m not sure about the category. Feel free to drive me where this topic goes if needed.



Maybe the code your programmed into the 32u4 is causing the device to not enter USB boot loader mode? Have you looked at these notes in the robot guide:


thank you! I managed to get it back.Here Is how I’ve done it (for someone who could have the same problem).

Apparently, I somehow corrupted the bootloader, as you said, with my program (I’ll investigate it later on).
I used Pololu - 9.1. Reviving using the Arduino IDE, but the bootloader time is not enough and the upload of a virgin program was failing by the time.

I did enter into bootloader mode pressing the reset button twice. meanwhile, I was controlling the COM port presence on the device manager and, during the bootloading time I could see the COM port coming back.

When the system got out the bootloader, I pushed twice once again allowing the upload to finish. At the end, the COM port was back and stable, showing it worked.

Let me know if I’m not clear enough in my description.