Wrong driver installed for 32U4; how do I uninstall?

So, I’m an idiot, and I’m trying to learn how to use my new Pololu A-star 32U4. I plugged it into my laptop before I realized that I needed to download the specific driver from Pololu. My Windows 10 laptop installed the device, no doubt using some generic driver. Now, even though I’ve downloaded and installed the correct driver, I’m pretty sure it’s still using the old one when I plug it in, because my Pololu device doesn’t show up as a board type in the Arduino ISE.

I’d be grateful for any ideas!


Hello, Dave.

Have you followed the instructions in the “Programming using the Arduino IDE” section of the A-Star user’s guide?

- Patrick

Patrick, thanks for replying. No, I hadn’t. In fact, I wasn’t aware there was a manual like that available. My bad! I’m off and running… thanks very much!


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