Disconnect of DRV8825 broke it


I bought six DRV8825 stepper motor drivers and finished soldering them today, but while testing them I forgot to turn the power off before disconnecting the driver from the breadboard. Then I put the next one to test in, the motor made a short chirping sound but didn’t turn, even after setting the ENABLE pin to low.
If I put a different driver into exactly the same setup it works. I did some measurements and found out, the voltages on the motor pins when the driver is disabled (ENABLE is high) are nearly the same as on a working version (around 0.3), but two pins are going up and down about a tenth of a Volt all the time. When the driver is enabled I measured on the working one around 6.82 volt and on the broken one the same as when disabled.

I’m using one of these steppers and a universal notebook power supply at 15V, 5.6A.

Does any one know a way to check if the driver is really broken or things to try to get it work again. (I read this but it didn’t really helped).


P.S. I now know to always buy one part more than needed, but I wish I had known it before.


It is possible that making or breaking connections while your system is powered could have damaged your DRV8825 carrier, especially if you have another one that works in the same setup and the outputs don’t change when the driver is enabled. Did the problematic driver ever work for you? If you have not done so already, could you make sure the current limit is set correctly? Have you followed the instructions on the DRV8825 stepper motor driver carrier product page to set the current limit? Could you measure the voltage at the VREF via and tell me what it is?



Thank you for your reply. I had set the current limit correctly an the VREF voltage is 0.84V. Because it was very late at night only 5 minutes later, when I told it my brother, I thought ‘broke it while I disconnected or while I connected it?’. But because I’m quiet sure I set the current limit beforehand, I think it must have worked for a short amount of time before I did the bad reconnect (it sounds strange but I was very tired that evening).

- Tobias

If it was working at some point and is not working now, it sounds like it is most likely damaged in some way. If you contact us directly at support@pololu.com with your order information and reference this forum post, we can see if we might be able to help you out with a discount on a replacement.