How to confirm if DRV8825 is permanently destoryed


I have just recently bought couple of DRV8825s, one of them seems to be working fine 2nd one is not, I have confirmed that

  1. RESET and Sleep are pulled high.
  2. Fault is high as well.
  3. Gnds and power are connected properly

but there is not current on any of the outputs (a, a1, b, b1). I was wondering if there is any way to confirm that driver is permanently damaged?

I have looked up on internet without success and would highly appreciate your quick response.



Hello, Farooq.

I am sorry you are having trouble getting your DRV8825s to work. Those connections seem fine. I am not sure if you are just reporting the logic value of the FAULT pin or if you are pulling it HIGH, but the FAULT pin is already pulled to the same voltage as the SLEEP pin. So, if SLEEP is HIGH, FAULT will be, too. You can find this information in the Schematic diagram on the DRV8825’s product page).

Can you tell me more about your setup? What have you set the drivers’ current limits to? How are you supplying power? What are you using to control the driver? Can you post pictures that show your connections?


Hi Jon

Thanks for your prompt reply, I am just reporting that fault pin is high and I am not pulling it up as I understand the fault pin would be low if there is a problem with Drv.

I also do not suspect any thing wrong with the setup because as soon as I replace the Drv everything works fine. but I have attached picture of my setup as advised.

I look forward to hear from you.

With kind regards

It is difficult to tell from your picture, but if you have the same setup and only replace the driver, and one driver works while the other doesn’t, it is likely a problem with the driver that is not working. Can you tell me what the current limit is set to on both of your drivers?