Controling unipolar stepper motors as bipolar stepper with d

i have some stepper motors from old printers that have 6 pin header5, 5 wires and 4 coils like this one Mitsumi M42sp-4np in, pins and wires are:
p1 Orange Coil 3
p2 Brown Coil 2
p5 Yellow Coil 1
p6 Black Coil 4

  • could this stepper be drived by drv8825?
  • what kind are the unipolar stepper motors that can be drived as bipolar stepper with drv8825?, could you name a example of it? have you a schematic of his coils?

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Although the product pages for our stepper motor drivers say that they are not compatible with 5 lead uni-polar stepper motors, we have had some indications that they might work in some cases. You can look at this forum thread for more information. In the end, you might have to just try it to see if it will work with your stepper motor.

For your 6 wire stepper motors, you can probably use the wiring guide from a similar 6 wire stepper motor we carry. You might need to use a multimeter to figure out which are the center taps if the colors of your motor’s wires are different.


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