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Why did I get an email notification for an old thread?


I just got a notification from your forum about this topic.
I just saw the “revive old topic” warning.

Your forum is broken.

edit: Ah! it seems the forum is using differnet times at different places. Timewarp!

Controling unipolar stepper motors as bipolar stepper with d

Hello, Rew.

I split your post into its own topic and moved it to the “About the Pololu Forum” category.

I was going through the forum fixing some messed up internal links, and by editing Derrill’s post I accidentally triggered the forum to send you an email about how Derrill’s post links to yours. Sorry about that.

You saw the “revive old topic” warning, because no one had posted in that topic since 2014, and the forum is trying make it harder to revive old discussions.