Zumo shield v1.2 Motors only turn one direction

Hello, I just purchased a pre assembled “Zumo bot for arduino” Item number 2510.
I,m using a clone leonardo shield and arduino ide 1.6.7 and running the “zumomotorexample” ZumoMotorExample.ino (1.74 KB)

The problem i’m having is both motors only turn in reverse.
The sketch shows to run left forward / stop / left reverse then right forward / stop / right reverse.

I’ve ordered a genuine leonardo from this web site due to the fact that my clone board can only be
programmed with my USBasp . I think the board is on it’s way to my silicon graveyard, “Tesla coils eat Mosfets”

Thanks for any advise.

Hello, CJ.

It sounds like you have some concerns about your Arduino Leonardo clone. Since you already ordered a genuine Arduino Leonardo, I would suggest seeing if that fixes the problem first.


Just to update , a genuine leonardo corrected the motor problem.
How / why ? Not sure.

I am glad you were able to solve the problem by using a genuine Leonardo board.

I am not sure why that fixed the problem either, but I suspect one or more of the pins on your other board might have been damaged somehow, or the pinout differs slightly.