Zumo 32U4 not detected via USB

We had been successfully uploading Sketch programs from Arduino IDE both from a Mac running OSX 10.8 and from a laptop running Windows 7 to our Zumo 32U4 via USB. But while attempting to upload a modification to a program the LCD screen displayed 8 bars on the top line, the amber light glows solid (dim) but the Zumo’s port is not detected either from the Macbook or the PC. When the USB is disconnected and the Zumo turned on the LCD and LED display the same. A double press of the reset button resets in the amber LCD flashing but other than that we can neither run the previous Sketch or get any of our previously setup PC’s to detect the Zumo.

Is there any operation to complete a factory reset of the Zumo firmware when USB connectivity seems to be out of action?



It sounds like you are able to get the Zumo into bootloader mode by double pressing the reset button. Could you try loading a program onto the Zumo while it is in bootloader mode? This might take a few tries since you will need to start sending the Zumo programming commands during the 8 seconds it is in bootloader mode. You should press the Upload button in the Arduino IDE as soon as you see the yellow LED fading in and out. You can find additional information in the “Reviving using the Arduino IDE” section of the Pololu A-Star 32U4 User’s Guide (The Zumo 32U4 uses the same bootloader as our A-Star controllers).

If you continue to have problems programming your Zumo, could you tell more about your setup? Do you have any other sensors or components connected to your Zumo?

- Jeremy

Thanks Jeremy

That worked great. Sorry that I did not know that and had to trouble you. We are back in action.

I appreciate your help.