Wiper servo motor

first sorry for my so bad english (i’m french) :blush:
i’ve bought a VNH5019 motor driver
my question is simple :
i would like to do like this video :

i’m working with max/msp (software) who will send data onto the serial port to the arduino.

do you think it’s possible to control the wiper like a servo motor? and have you an idea how to do that with VNH5019?

thank’s for your help! :smiley:


Yes, the VNH5019 carrier could be part of a system that does that, but you would need to close the feedback loop yourself using your Arduino.

Alternatively, you might consider using our jrk 12v12 motor controller, which offers higher-level interfaces (like RC signals) and can take care of the feedback-based position control for you.