Why doesn't it work?

I must be doing something simple and obvious wrong, but I don’t know what.
I am trying to drive a 2296 pancake stepper motor with a TIC500 stepper motor controller. I want to use the analog speed function with a potentiometer. I have downloaded the pololu Tic control software,set it to learn the pots neutral,minimum and maximum positions,Status shows that it is reading the voltage changes from the pot ok. I have checked the power supply and the motor connections. The software says ‘driving’ but nothing at all happens. I know the motor works as I checked it on an industrial stepper driver. I have tried two tic500s and it just won’t work. I would be grateful for any ideas. Thanks


Did you change the current limit from the default to something appropriate for your motor (just below 1A)? If you have a reasonable current limit set, can you post pictures that show how everything is connected and your settings file from the Tic Control Center software (which can be exported using the “Save settings file” option of the “File” menu in the software)?