Which Motor to choose?

I’ve been at this motor research for 2 days now trying to find a motor. It’s going to take a gallon of liquor to bring me back to earth!!

Newtons per Cm, Newtons per M, Joules, Axial load, Transverse Load, Radial load, Holding Torque, Torque Power Curves, etc… It’s driving me crazy with all the conversions just to find a silly motor that will lift a 10# TV from a pivot point. Does all this motor stuff really need to be rocket science difficult??

Please, someone recommend a 12v motor to lift & hold at rest an 11# load. One with maybe a 15% CYA factor?

It’s going in an RV that’s on battery power and I would rather not have a constant amp drain holding the TV in the up or down position. Geared or self braking is req’d.

During transport I’ll have a shelf in the cabinet under the drawer that will support it.

Space limitations = 2.25" max Diameter motor or gearbox - length can be up to 8".

RPM = Been looking at 1.5" V pulleys - giving me 4.5" per RPM. Up / Down cable distance is 12". A 10 RPM will have a 15 sec time? Recommendations?

Will be using a remote motor control with forward & reverse.

Thanks in advance for any support!

Here’s a pic.


Your dynamics problem here is certainly non-trivial, so while I would not quite characterize it as rocket science level, I am not surprised that it is difficult. Unfortunately, helping you with this goes beyond the scope of our support, but if you are confused about any of the basics, you might consider reading this Force and torque blog post.

Also, please note that we do not have any motors with built-in brakes, so if you want to keep your current draw low when your TV is just holding position, you will need another motor or a separate device for that.

- Patrick