Which Motor Driver or maybe controller?

Hello. I have absolutely no experience on motor drivers so I wanted to ask which would be ideal for me.

I’m looking for a motor driver to use with an Arduino board. It will need to drive up to 4 hobby motors from robot chassis like the ones you can find here or Sparkfun.

I currently have a Magician Chassis https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10825
But I have no means to drive the motors.

When I’m done with it, I’d like to make my own robot chassis and attach 4 brushed dc motors. Which motor driver would be ideal for this?

Or would it be wiser to just get a motor controller instead? If so, which are ideal?

Thank you for your advice


Since you are already planning to use an Arduino to control your robot, you might consider using a motor driver shield for your Arduino like our Dual MC33926 Motor Driver Shield. If you do not need independent control of all four motors, you could probably connect the motors on each side of your robot in parallel (i.e. both of the motors on the right side would connect to one channel, and both the motors on the left would connect to the other).

- Grant