Which motor controller

so I found the motors I want to use… 4 of these… I would like to control 2 on each motor controller, which motor controller would be suitable for it with a usb interface so I can write to it using a Linux sbc?



We do not carry any motor controllers that can handle the 133A stall current of those motors. You might inquire at the website you linked to for the motor to see if any of the motor control system they have will work with that motor.

Alternatively, you might try looking at the Kelly Controls website to see if they have a matching controller.


After further reading I read that to find out the continuous current of a motor you can take 25% of the stall current… so 25% of 133 is about 34A… the site where I would buy the motor recommends I buy a 40A controller which they sell but I prefer yours since they are accessible via usb/serial, and you have a dual channel 60A per channel motor controller called robotclaw pololu.com/product/1499 why wouldn’t it work?

D.C. motors briefly draw the stall current when they start up, and can draw twice the stall current when the direction of rotation is rapidly reversed. Especially at 133 A, you really do need a controller that can handle at least the startup current, otherwise you may be looking at a puddle of expensive components.

why would the company selling me the motor recommend a 40A motor controller then?