Which motor controller?


So I’m working on making a relatively large 4 wheeled robot. I’m driving each wheel individually with 3A (12A stall current) , 24V brushed DC motors. I’m going to control each motor using arduino’s analogWrite() PWM library. What motor controllers would you suggest? I’m thinking the of using either the 24v20 or the 36v15 h-bridge driver. The drivers are going to be in a small space… so I wanted to derate them a little bit. Do you see any problems with using these?


Both high-power motor drivers you mentioned should work fine for your project. You might also consider our Simple Motor Controllers. They have higher level interfaces and can be controlled by serial commands from the Arduino. Another thing you might consider is that you can control two motors with one controller by connecting the motors in parallel.

- Grant

Excellent. Well I’ve decided to move forward with the 24v12’s. What’s the best way to go about heat sinking these? An individual heat sink on each mosfet? They mentioned the ability to run 17A continuously with sinking. How did you guys sink them?

If you think you need to add a heat sink due to the current draw, I strongly recommend using a higher-power version, such as the 24v20. We have not tested our motor drivers with heat sinks; that 17A spec is just what is theoretically achievable if you keep the MOSFETs cool enough.

- Grant