Which Motor Controller to Use

I’m building a large scale child’s ride on Jeep, and I’m converting it to RC. I’ve figured out the steering using a JRK 21v3, and now I’m working on the motor/speed control. I’m having trouble deciding which motor controller would work best.

Here’s what I’m working with on the model.
It runs off of two brushed DC motors which are each 12V, 15A, 180W, (17A max? I think), wired in series.
Powered by two 12V, 33amp/hr sealed batteries wired in series.

I’m looking for RC controlled speed, and forward & reverse. Also, I’m new to this so fully assembled helps. I’m considering the Simple High Power Motor Controller 18v15 or the JRK G2 24v13. Is one of these better suited to my project?

Thanks for your help!

The motor controller must be able to handle the startup or stall current of your motor, which for a brushed motor is typically several times the motor current at maximum rated power. For a 12V 180W motor, the startup current could be over 100 Amperes. Check the motor data sheet.

Neither of the suggested controllers is likely to be suitable. You might look into RC vehicle racing (ESC) controllers.

Hi, Paul.

As Jim mentioned, it is best to try to find out the stall current of your motor before choosing a motor driver. From the specifications you gave it is hard to say, but our Simple Motor Controller 18v15 and Jrk G2 24v13 both seem under-powered. You might consider the higher power controllers in those families like the Simple Motor Controller 18v25 or Jrk G2 18v27. The Roboclaw Motor Controllers also have lots of high power options.


Thanks for the help, and pointing me in the right direction.