Which motor controller for a two motor tank robot

I would like to buy the chassis / motor for your twin Tamiya motor tank robot. This is my 1st robot project. I have an arduino uno, and a Pololu Dual VNH5019 Motor Driver Shield for Arduino which I bought for another project. I would like to use a single joystick to drive the tank. I attempted to write a program e.g.

: Joystick straight up. Both motors run at 255.
Joystick straight down. Both motors run at -255.
Joystick Right. Left motor runs at 255, right motor at -255.
Joystick Left. Left motor runs at -255. Right motor at 255.
And everywhere in between…

without success until I found a program on the internet here.

electronics.stackexchange.com/qu … otor-drive

this program requires a motor controller with 4 pwm inputs. 2 for the left motor, and 2 for the right. Here is a snipit of the code:

const byte controllerFA = 10; //PWM FORWARD PIN for OSMC Controller A (left motor)
const byte controllerRA = 9;  //PWM REVERSE PIN for OSMC Controller A (left motor)
const byte controllerFB = 6;  //PWM FORWARD PIN for OSMC Controller B (right motor)
const byte controllerRB = 5;  //PWM REVERSE PIN for OSMC Controller B (right motor)
const byte disablePin = 2; //OSMC disable, pull LOW to enable motor controller

My question:
Does Pololu have a motor controller I can purchase so I can use this program? The OSMC controller is way to much (expensive and 160 amps) for your tank robot. It seems like a great program and I downloaded it to my arduino and from the Serial window it seems to work great. After several hours I could not find another program, and I am new to c programming and just can’t seem to be able to write my own program yet, as it is a differential combination between x and y.
Thank you so much!

Hi, Scott.

You should be able to use an Arduino and that motor driver shield for joystick control of your tank, but you will have to do some programming to make everything work together.

If you do not want to modify or write your own code, you might find it easier to configure the Pololu Simple Motor Controller or the Pololu TReX Dual Motor Controller. You can control both of those boards with RC signals.

By the way, it is unlikely that you will be able to find a motor controller that would work with your unique application given a specific segment of code. Unfortunately, there are no real shortcuts to programming.

- Derrill