Which Micro Metal Gearmotor am I using?

Hi there!

I just got two Micro Metal Gearmotor from my cousin but I have a problem: he doesn’t remember the model…

I tried comparing them with pictures of the website but it seems that the pictures are all the same.

Attached is a picture of the motor. Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Hello, Ladislas.

The first step in identifying which gearmotor you have is to determine its stall current. You can do this by providing a relatively low voltage to the motor and prevent it from rotating while measuring the current drawn using a multimeter. From that you can extrapolate what the stall current would be at 6V using Ohm’s Law (V = IR). Once you know the current draw of your motor, you should be able to tell which motor type you have (e.g. high-power, medium-power, or low-power).

The next step would be to determine the speed. You can supply the motor with 6V and count the number of revolutions per minute. You can do this by removing the gear and placing the flat side of the shaft against a table and count the ticks as it rotates.

With the stall current and the speed, you can refer to this comparison chart to determine which motor best matches the measurements you made above:


Alternatively, you could email us your cousin’s order information, and we can see if we can look it up for you.

- Jamee