Which is lowest Pololu motors voltage/speed?


Pololu motors are well-documented, but can’t find information important for me.

I’m looking for wide RPM range DC motors. Is there information about RPM as a function of motor voltage?

For example: Pololu - 10:1 Metal Gearmotor 37Dx50L mm 12V (Helical Pinion) DC motor with 10:1 gearbox and 1000RPM at 12V. Which will be lowest voltage when motor starts rotate and which RPM?

Thanx for support!

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Hello, Shell.

Motor speed follows an approximately linear relationship with voltage. We do not have the minimum starting voltage for our 12V 37D gearmotors well characterized, but with no load it will probably start turning at around 0.5-1 V, which corresponds to 4-8% duty cycle when powered from 12V.

- Patrick

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Thank you very much!

One question more: does the same rules (4-8% speed at ~1V) apply for other DC motors this series, ex. 30:1 gearbox (Pololu - 30:1 Metal Gearmotor 37Dx52L mm 12V (Helical Pinion))?

As I mentioned before, we do not have that characterized in detail, but I expect the results for all of our 12V 37D gearmotors to be similar.

- Patrick

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