What would be the recommended motor driver?

I have a project that I am building a rack and pinion based lift. The lift needs to be able to lift about 100 lbs of weight.

I have chosen the servo city planetary motor, part number 638266. However I am not sure what would be the best motor driver to use.

I am planning on using an avr based microcontroller such as the adafruit feather for limit switch control and other lift functions.

What would you guys recommend for a motor driver?

The procedure for selecting a motor driver is pretty much the same for any motor: the important parameters are the operating voltage, the typical running current and the stall current. The power supply must provide, and the motor driver must be able to safely carry the stall current for proper startup.

According to the Servo City product page for your motor operating at 12V, the stall current is 20 amperes and the no load current is 0.54 amperes. The running current will be somewhere in between 0.5 and 20 A depending on the load.

If the normal load current is 12 amperes or less, the VNH5019 driver will handle that motor. pololu.com/product/1451

Note that if you rapidly reverse a motor, it can briefly draw twice the stall current, which will overload the driver. So, don’t do that.