What stepper motor drivers to buy?


I am totally new to stepper motor drives and would like to know if someone could recommend a stepper motor drive for me to buy. I am primarily interested in a stepper motor drive for educational purposes, in other words, I want to play around and experiment with it to see how stepper motor drives work.


Of course you should look through Pololu’s various offerings, but you also can salvage stepping motors out of discarded printers and other electromechanical items. You will need a stepper driver and an 8-30V motor power supply for all of those options.

Then there are these very basic and popular motors that come with a simple motor driver: ebay.com/itm/2PCS-12V-Steppe … 1498275318 except I would recommend the 5V variety, also on eBay. The 5V motor will run on a 4xAA pack of cells and you will find lots of tutorials for it on the web.