What motor driver is appropriate for my stepper motor?

I am new to stepper motor and need your help to figure out which motor driver can be used for “Stepper Motor: Bipolar, 200 Steps/Rev, 57×76mm, 3.2V, 2.8 A/Phase”. I want to use two of this motor to drive a big and heavy rotary part, and from my simple calculation I found that this motor was best for this project considering the price and available torque. However, since this motor requires 2.8A per phase to drive, I don’t know which motor driver can be used to drive this motor at maximum torque (since the rotational speed is not a big deal for my project, the motor can be driven at very low speed). Do you have any recommendation? I am going to use Arduino Uno R3 as the main controller and I want to drive two of this motor at the same time with one Arduino Uno, but if it is difficult I can upgrade the Uno to something else, or simply use one Uno for each motor.

Thanks in advance.


In general, our stepper motor drivers carriers are underpowered for the #1478 stepper motors. You might still be able to use one of them, such as the DRV8825 or AMIS-30543 carrier, to control that motor if you limit the current to within what the driver can handle, but as you mentioned, you would not be able to get the full rated torque from the motor with those drivers.

If either of those carriers are still an option for you, please note that you should be able to control multiple of either carrier from a single Arduino Uno.