What is the best way to control this motor?

I need to control a DC motor that runs on 3 volts 15amps. What is the best board to use to control both the speed and duration of cycle? I need to do this as inexpensively as possible. If possible I would like to program random sequences of speed and duration.


Is the 15 A spec the stall current of your motor? We don’t have any motor drivers or controller that can deliver that much current at that low a voltage, but we do have some high-power motor controllers that you could run at 6 V and limit to duty cycles 50% and under. To suggest the most economical one for your application, I need to have a better understanding of your motor’s typical and maximum current draws.

- Ben

Hello. Do you need to drive the motor in both directions? --David

I don’t have any specific specs on the motor. It uses two AA batteries in series, thus the 3 volts. Specs on AA batteries I found online say they have a 15 amp output. I simply need to drive this motor at various speeds in one direction only. Thanks for the help.

It looks like no one can help!


Sorry no one responded to you sooner. Are you saying that your motor will draw 15 A just because that is the maximum output spec. for your batteries? That is not how motors work; motors draw as much current as they need. Do you have a multimeter you can use to measure current? You could use it to measure the stall current of your motor.

- Ryan