What does it mean Output at high impedance?

I have the Dual TB9051FTG Motor Driver Shield for Arduino.
I want to learn about current sensing, where do i find information about:
“Note that each of these outputs is only active while the corresponding H-bridge is driving; it is inactive (low) when the driver is braking or the motor outputs are high impedance (floating)”
What does it mean Output at high impedance?
I asked this question the support teeam by email on friday


High impedance means that the output will only allow a very small amount of current through (i.e. essentially no current). You can find more information about what high impedance means from this Wikipedia page. In the case of an H-bridge motor driver, like the TB9051FTG, the motor outputs being high impedance means that the driver is coasting and the motor has effectively been disconnected from the circuit. The Wikipedia page about H-bridges might be a useful reference too.

- Patrick