What do I need to buy!


I’m looking at building a small 4DOF robot to help out in my pottery studio glazing cups.

The cup will sit on a small turn table powered by a stepper motor or servo.

The robot will have 4 RC servos based of the 3D printed MK2 robot arm.

To apply the glaze I’m going to use a custom air spray gun with three nozzles for the three different glazes. Each glaze will be metered to the spray head though a stepper motor driven peristatic pump. The air will be controlled via small solenoids (on/off)

The servos seem easy to control with a Maestro Board, but what is the board/ controller I need to wire into the Maestro to control the Stepper motors. Positional feed back isn’t that important
as each cup will only under go a couple of rotations so it should be easily enough to keep track of - maybe a 360 degree servo will be easiest for the turn table?

Also, what is the best relay board for the solenoids?

Thanks for any help!


Hello, Mark.

That sounds like an exiting project! I suggest looking at our Tic Stepper Motor Controllers which can be configured over USB and make it easy to direct a stepper motor through several control interfaces including RC hobby servo pulses (which you could send from the Maestro) and TTL serial signals (which you might already be planning to use to control your Maestro).

I am not sure what specific solenoids you are using, but here is a link to our selection of switches, buttons, and relays so you can see if any of our boards might be appropriate.

- Patrick