What am I missing?

I’ve got a 2997 hooked up to a Teensy MCU.
VIN 12V, motor on OUT1 and GND, PWM1 for control.
Nothing’s happening.
It’s not clear to me if EN has to be hooked up. If so, please explain.
If that’s not it, I don’t know what to look at. Help!

I have also tried hooking up the motor to Out1 & Out2, with the same result.
I’ve checked my connections, and confirmed that PWM is active.
It’s been suggested that I make the following changes:

  • Tie ENB to ground
  • Tie PWM1 to +5 and PWM2 to GND.
  • Tie Motor to OUT1 and OUT2.
  • Use the MCU to modulate the EN pin.
    I’ll do this and report back.

Yay! All is working now.