Wantai NEMA17 + DRV8825 help!

i’m a bit of a beginner to this nd am trying to set up a stepper motor connected to my arduino board as shown in the pictures below. I’ve followed the logic as shown in this image download/file.php?id=1438 except that I added a 100um capacitor after my 12v power supply. The motor i am using is a Wantai Nema17 motor [reprapworld.com/?products_details&products_id/770/cPath/1614#.VVSi6fmqqko]

When I run this however, absolutely nothing happens - is there something I am missing?


The code I am using is as follows:

[code]int sleep = 11;
int reset = 10;
int direccion = 9;
int paso = 8;

void setup()

digitalWrite(sleep, HIGH);
digitalWrite(reset, HIGH);
digitalWrite(direccion, HIGH);


void loop()
digitalWrite(paso, HIGH);
digitalWrite(paso, LOW);


From your pictures, it does not look like you are using our DRV8825 carrier, so we cannot help you troubleshoot the problem. However, if your board is supposed to work like our carrier, I did not see any problems with your connection diagram. You might check to make sure the current limit is set to an appropriate value for your stepper motor. Also, you should make sure the stepper motor is connected correctly.