Voltage Question for Micro Gearmotor

I have an application that will need two (2) micro gearmotors for a low torque and low RPM (60-90). I am considering getting the 210:1 Micro Metal Gearmotor LP 6V.

I plan on connecting the two in parallel to a single battery source, but not sure what would happen if they were powered by 3V source rather than a 6V source. For example, two 1.5 V, D sized cells in series.

Just for discussion sake, how would a single motor perform if it the potential was 3V instead of 6V? The expected load on the motor will be well below the stall torque, maybe 5-10 in-oz. The run time would be a few minutes before a long period of rest.

My guess is using less voltage would reduce the RPM and available torque. How much I am not sure. Any ideas?



In general, small brushed DC motors like these will run at about half the rated speed, stall current, and stall torque if the input voltage is half of the motor’s rating.