VNH5019 wierd behavior


I have a VNH5019 dual motor driver shield that I used a long time without any problems but after a while one of the VNH5019 chips started to act strange. The leds are acting weird when there is no motor attached and when I try to move the motors with a pwm pulse both the leds are on.
What could be the cause of it. There was no magic smoke, the driver doesn’t get hot and it still sorta works.

Images of the leds are found here:


Thanks for the picture and information. In the picture you provided, it looks like some of your solder joints are not making a great connection. You might find this soldering tutorial helpful. Could you try touching up your solder connections so they look more the like the ones in the soldering tutorials?

Is there anything else that has changed in your setup since the motor driver was working fine?