VNH5019 Single Motor Driver


I plan to use VNH5019 motor driver to control a brushed DC motor. I examined driver specs and I want to ask something about driver. Motor which I use is 24V 5A. The power supply I will use is SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) type 24V 6,3A. The maximum operating voltage of the driver is 24V and I will run the driver with this volt value. Is it possible that there is a problem with the driver during long-term use?

Would it be safer for me to choose a 12V motor? I would appreciate it if you could give me information on the issue.


I moved your post to the motor controlers/drivers and motors section of our support forum since that seems like a more appropriate place for it.

Your supply voltage is right on the maximum operating voltage for our VNH5019 carrier. The overvoltage protection typically kicks in at 27V, but it can trigger at voltages as low as 24V, so it will depend on your particular unit, but your margin is pretty tight. You might still be fine if your power supply output is really clean. Alternatively, you might consider one of our G2 High-Power Motor Drivers to give yourself some extra room there.

A 24V motor should be fine with that setup. If you run a 12V motor with 24V you will likely reduce that motor’s lifetime significantly. You will get greater speed and torque from your motor compared to its rated voltage, but increasing the voltage also puts the motor at increased risk of some kind of catastrophic failure if the load gets too big (i.e. the increased torque can more easily damage the gearbox and the increased current can more easily melt the brushes and windings). You can avoid making this trade-off if you keep the applied duty cycle to 50% or less, that way the effective voltage to the motor never exceeds 12V.

- Patrick